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Euroatla and Euronave separate activities

This strategic decision aims to optimise the operations of both companies to better meet the growing needs of global customers and partners.

From 1 June 2024, Euroatla will assume full responsibility for the freight forwarding activity and associated logistics. On the other hand, Euronave will focus its operations exclusively on representing COSCO Shipping, dedicating itself entirely to managing and expanding maritime agency services.

This reorganisation will allow both companies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, providing clients with a more specialised and adapted portfolio of services. This renewed focus strengthens each company's ability to respond quickly to market changes and the specific demands of its clients, which will be positively reflected in relations with other business partners.

"The separation of activities between Euroatla and Euronave reflects our ongoing commitment to adapting our strategy to better serve our customers," said Sandra Ayres, head of both companies. "Each company will now be able to focus on what it does best, while maintaining its decades-long commitment to quality, to connecting with its partners and to innovation and sustainability in its operations."